Atticus Harris

Atticus Harris

Hi, I’m Atticus.

I coach teams and individuals in pursuit of authentic leadership.

In my current job, I work for Synthesis as the Director of Customer Journey. My team and I help guide others toward transformational psychedelic experiences.

There are a few key experiences that have shaped who I’ve become as an adult:

Cluster Headaches
  • If you don’t know about Cluster Headaches, read about them here.
  • These headaches have taught me to reframe my perspective on pain. They are excruciating and have led me to dark places. If you have ever experienced a cluster headache then you know what it means to be thrust unexpectedly into extreme physical pain. It’s lonely and terrifying. Yet, I try my best not to ‘suffer’ but to learn from them. A cluster headache offers a chance to learn about how you react toward and often fight unwanted experiences. It’s not easy, but there is some light to bring back from the darkness.
  • Addiction is a major component of my life.
  • For over 10 years I was in active addiction (sex, drugs, food) and consider recovery to be a path I’ll walk for the rest of my life. I have deep compassion for anyone struggling with a dysfunctional relationship toward any substance or behavior.
  • For anyone dealing with addiction, I found the Recovery Dharma community to be a compelling alternative to traditional 12-step programs.
  • I believe recovery calls us to radically question, define and then live by our deepest values. No process of growth is linear, and walking this path requires discipline, sustained self-inquiry, and compassion for the moments when you fall short of your highest potential.
  • More to come soon.
Strength Training
  • Kettlebells - more to come soon.
  • More to come soon.

Curated Content

One of my internet pastimes is cataloging content into curated boards. It’s both creative, calming and a useful index for knowledge I want to revisit. Here are some of my current works in progress.

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